Off-flavour tasting at Brewcraft

This was on the short list fo a longer time: to make complete new experience and to keep the learning curve going up.

I was a bit early that saturday morning, standing in front of the "Villa Brewcraft" in Hamburg Eidelstedt. Brian Schlede, who runs BREWCRAFT opens the door, he is doing the last preparations for the seminar.

During the next hours, we will put our noses deep in the small cups with alcoholfree beer, mixed with different flavours.  The flavours represent typical results of failures from brewing, storage, transport and tapping.

Some bread and cheese help to get the tongue clean again, and a cup with coffee beans lets the nose relax.

The beginnig is a flavour like "butter" or perhaps "popcorn". A taste, that is not necessarily a bad one in cold beer. But we also have to try "stinky feet" and "goat cheese".

Not everyone can recognize all flavours, but that is quite normal. It depends on capability and training, and perhaps I have do redo the seminar sometime again.

For now, I am glad, that my beers had none of the bad flavours so far.