Wort boiler

Einkochautomat als Braukessel

We are using three pots, which are called "Einkochautomat" in german. (Unfortunately I did not find a better translation yet).

Two of them are pimped with equipment from

One has a spiral made of stainless steel, connected to a tap, originally used for purifying, calles "Läuterfreund".

Meanwhile for the other pot a basket of stainless steel called "Malzkorb" is purchased. It makes purifying even more easy. So  the Läuterfreund is now used for filtration after the hop cooking.

On top you see the agitator, which stirs the wort to make sure, temperature is spread equally through the wort.

We have another wort boiler, a 60 Liter pot from gastronomy, which is heated by gas. Much more output but far less automation...

FControl - Automated brewing

FControl is an Arduino based automated brewing control. It has two power sockets: One for the agitator, the other to control the wort boiler.

A flexible temperature sensor is put into the wort.

Fcontrol works fine without connecting to a laptop, but if you connect via USB there is a nice monitor and logging software, to have even visual control.

The software consists of three parts:

- Maintenance of brewing programms (which are stored on a Mico-SD-Card)

- Interface manager

- Monitoring & Logging Software


Some more description you find in german: Brauerfahrungen

I have put in in a box and added the sockets.


1: Display

2: Socket for temperature sensor

3: Socket für Agitator

4: Socket for wort boiler


You find another picture in the collection below, where you can see the the state in which it was delivered.

electronic Saccharometer/electronic Hydrometer "iSpindle"

The iSpindle is a project, I still have to finish. The first trial went wrong. Unfortunately, I did not manage to do the soldering right. If you have no idea what the iSpindle is, you better look here.