About US - 18602

At first let's explain the name: 18602 is  the number, given to us by the main customs office in Kiel, where every "Heim - und Hobbybrauerei" has to register. With this registration we are allowed to brew up to 200 liter per year tax free for own behave. Careful! This applies to household, not per person.

We do enjoy doing things ourselves and up to now we did only get positive critics for our Beer. That includes critics from family and they wouldn't tell anything other than truth...


If I (Thomas) call myself Brewmaster, than Birgit is at least "first woman at the brewpot". (Hope, translation suits...) This title was given to her at the brew seminary, (Brauseminar), when she volontarily signed up to  do the brewing protocol. This was my luck, because this way she kept in mind everything that was taught. Besides, she was the driver while I was allowed to drink...

Even if she doesn't take part all times, it is nice to share a Hobby together.

Finally, there is my brewing assistant Jan, sometimes helping -  as long as he doesn't get bored.

Our Beer

We prefer bottom fermented beers, but are open to try out. So far we tried out "Landbeer", Pils, and IPA. A bit of dark beer was brewed with a breweing kit.

production volume

In 2016 we produced 102l.  12 of it was dark beer and 90l Landbier

Brewing pot & Co.

We use a common canning pot.

Additional equipment is shown here .

Our Brewery

In Germany exits a lable calle "Kellerbier". Keller means basement, and that is exactly where we brew. This part of the haouse is not insulated, so outside tempeature has a direct impact on fermentation.

If you want to get in touch mail to  thomas@18602.de or use the form below.

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